This challenge was fun to do and I focused on learning from previous challenges to do better each time.  My strategy was to show my knowledge of BI and this challenge was perfect for it.  I really thought I had a good plan because I expanded on the different phases of a data warehouse implementation.  One of my strengths is being detail oriented and I quickly expanded on the different phases of a BI solution but unfortunately the judges were not looking at the detail level and instead the focus was on the higher level design.  Chris’ solution included a nice flow of the data and the technologies used and he did a great job using visuals that were easy to read and follow.  He deserved to win the challenge and is someone who people can learn from when it comes to presentation and knowledge about this subject.

                Stacy and Mike were also very close and we all were happy to see Chris win because he is a great person and SQL Server enthusiast.  We decided to take a break and go get some coffee and I took a picture of him after his big win: