I finally broke through and won a challenge!  And let me just say, ‘WOW!’  It feels really good to finally win.  This was BY FAR the most difficult challenge in terms of requirements.  Two full pages worth.  And somehow there was still plenty of vagary and room for interpretation.  The Judges were kind enough to let us collaborate so that we could use some good synergy to get enough traction to get this thing moving.  It was a big, hairy, nasty, mess of a challenge.  Impossible to do by yourself in 1 hour. IMPOSSIBLE! 

But working together, we were able to get pretty far along before we had to switch to individual work mode.  I knew there were flaws in our initial brainstorm, but there was some brilliance, too.  The judges gave Stacy props for starting with a data flow diagram.  I certainly would have done that type of design, too.  Alex is the only one of us that is so detailed-oriented that he’d use mostly words.  The thing she did that I thought was so good and that I wouldn’t have done was that she set up an ‘Issues’ area so that we could track the problems we were hoping to solve.  The “parking lot” was a good way to organize them initially during the brainstorm.  I have to give a shout-out to my buddy Alex.  His design was SOO detailed.  I’m not sure I’d ever come up with that level in a week, let alone one hour.  Great job to him, it was truly a thing of beauty – just not what the judges were looking for. 

Luckily, my design was what they were looking for!  It was a good balance between technical and non-technical.  I was very happy for the win and to finally escape one, Buck Woody.  To celebrate, we went to a Seattle Sounders game.  It was AWESOME.  Great atmosphere and energy in that place.  Highly recommended.  They tied, 1-1.  Let’s hope I can keep it rolling at the next challenge.  I know Alex needs/wants a win, but I aim to make him earn it.

Here's my video blog and a pic from the soccer match for your viewing enjoyment...

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