So, this week’s challenge sucked.  I totally screwed up.  It was all about managing security in SQL which I haven’t had much experience with.  I really could have gotten the solution too…I let myself focus on aspects of the challenge which were not important at all, and didn’t leave enough time to figure out the actually important parts of it.  Not going to let that happen again…It’s really strange too because I told myself going into all of this that I needed to focus on providing the judges with the solution that they are looking for FIRST, and then work on doing the little extras if I have time.  This week, I did it backwards and it cost me.

I don’t think I can stress enough just how strange it is being under these situations…If you’ve ever seen any of those reality TV shows where you think to yourself “Why would they ever do that?” I can now honestly say I know why.  It really is the strangest sensation to look back at some of the things I did and say, “What the hell?”

Just to prove it to myself though I came home and did the challenge without looking at the solution, albeit with a lot of the information I got from having gone through the challenge already.  I needed to make sure I actually could do it.  One thing that I’m REALLY liking about doing this competition is the review we contestants do at home.  The other folks here are SO knowledgeable, and I feel like a sponge soaking up an ocean.  Chris in particular has been so helpful, answering the myriad of questions I have.

I want to congratulate Stacy for the win…it was a difficult challenge and she nailed it.  The prize she won is pretty sweet. I would have definitely put the keyboard she got to good use…the camera and mouse were cool too.

 Heading to bed early (12:30) to try and recharge…Check out my video blog in the meantime.

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PS – Here we are at the house putting together a BBQ dinner after the challenge...was a real pick-me-up.