Denny Lee works with some of the largest enterprise BI/Big Data systems, including Yahoo!'s 24TB cubes. He also built the first ever Analysis Services cube. He’s been building websites for as long as websites have been built. His big data chops garnered him the nickname, Big Data Daddy. 

You’d think a guy like this would be cautious. Careful. Meticulous. Not so much when he gets behind the wheel. He managed to get $1200 worth of speeding tickets when he was in Taiwan for 4 short months. (Slow down, Big Data Daddy!)

(Maybe fellow guest judge Tobias Ternström, aka The Racer, will let him whiz around the track in his race car one of these days.)

Our Be the Next contestants are going to need to keep their wits about them if they’re going to impress Denny Lee!