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Challenge 2 reflections


     This challenge was very familiar to me because I always follow the principal of least privilege as Best Practices recommend so I was very confident about this challenge and getting a win.  I started off well and made progress and this time around I was going take all the time given to me to ensure that my solution was solid but time was not on my side. At 75% done, I was quickly running out of time and in some way this is what happens in the real world where you are asked for permissions and sometimes you are cornered to give more permissions than what you would have liked.  I was not going to give more permission just to finish quickly so I pushed ahead and got most of the permissions configured but one and this one cost me the challenge.  Congratulations Stacy for the win.

     It was nice to meet boB Taylor and he was very good at answering questions about MCSM and MCA and it was awesome for me to meet the man who is in charge of these certifications because I am currently in the process of getting certified.  We had a blast before and after the challenge and got a chance to show our pool skills as we waited in the lobby. Here I took a picture of Mike and Stacy: