This first challenge was nerve wracking because I did not know what to expect and my first impression was to think that this challenge was going to be very complex and it would involve knowing some feature of SQL Server 2008 but to my surprise it was a TSQL question and I over-thought the solution.  I was the first one to finish but unfortunately I did not win the challenge because I used the database already in there instead of the table provided in the thumb drive.  This first challenge gave me insight to what to do for the others such as take all the time given to you and pay careful attention to any hints given to you.  Congratulations to Mike for the awesome win.  He is a tough competitor.

It was exciting to be at a Microsoft building and get to know the environment and what it would be like to be a Microsoft employee and walk around with your backpack or laptop bag in hand.  It really looks like a learning environment where ideas are born and people look so focused and yet it's a relaxed environment.  Aside from the challenge it was an exciting day because I got to meet Buck, Tim, and Tobias who are great people and fun to be around.  Here is a picture where I am waiting in the lobby to get checked in: