StacyThere is only one good thing I can say about the first challenge:  they tapped my weakest area so at least that is out of the way.   Mike, my virtual hat is off to you.  Well done, my man, well done.  I bow before your technical superiority.  Good show.

The live band playing loud music didn’t distract me.  I can block noise.  I have three children.

The camera man placing the lens inches from my face didn’t distract me.  I have over 15 years in IT.  I can focus on the task at hand.

However, when Alex exclaimed that he was done…that was it for me. How could this young whipper snapper be done? (That’s what we call ‘um down in Texas.)  I was going through the motions but my brain was locked up.  I tried all my internal mind tricks to get the motor restarted, but there wasn’t a bit of oil left anywhere.  I had seized up.    

I am humbled.  I am thankful this is not the first time.  I have been humbled many, many times.  It always smarts a bit…a little sting, but one must shake it off and move on.  I must keep putting one foot in front of the other.  As the oldest contestant, I have more experiences on which I can fall back on and remember, I made it through THAT, I can make it through THIS.  Nothing went down.  There’s no CEO standing over me, asking me when the system will be back up.  This is nothing.  I must remember my strengths and remember that should one of the upcoming challenges touch on any of them…my competitors are toast.  I am determined.  I am better than this.  I will do better than this.  There is no other option.