It’s tough to succinctly describe this week’s guest judge—he’s a man of way too many talents.

boB “The Toolman” Taylor is a magician, a mentalist, a distance runner, and the brains behind all of the MCSD.NET certification exams. He’s passed 28 certification exams on the first attempt and he can turn $1 dollar bills into Benjamins. (Find out how he does it on July 31 in our behind-the-scenes footage.)

Think the contestants will be able to outwit this guy? Think they’ll be a little intimidated? Wouldn’t you be?! If he doesn’t like their work, he can make it disappear!

boB’s been using SQL Server since 4.2 version. He started with FORTRAN 66 on punch cards, graduated to assembly language programming on a magnetic drum based computer (in Octal) then went through the normal progression – C, C++, C# etc. He’s been using SQL Server since early 90s. (Anyone else remember the V4.2?)

Watch next week when boB “The Toolman” Taylor will join Be the Next Microsoft Employee—not too be missed!

Episode 2 sneak peek: