I won’t be the first person to write about Microsoft, its culture, or even their interview process… but to be honest, hiring our next employee through a contest?  This is different, this contest has the potential to be a little risky… but most important I think it’s going to be to be fun… and I want to be a part of it.   

Secret revealed?

I’ve been in the HR and Recruiting profession for long time, I’ve had the pleasure of working for multiple Fortune 500 companies as well as a Partner in a boutique Executive Search firm, but the interview process at Microsoft is different.  It’s not just the process, the questions and the difficulty; it’s also the mindset.  At most companies, by the time you get through the phone screen and phone interview and you show up in the office for an on-site interview, the hiring manager no doubt has a positive impression (or you wouldn’t be coming in for an interview), and that you have the requisite  and qualifications to be successful.   You generally have to do something negative during the interview to NOT get the job.

Microsoft is different – at least it is for me and how I interview.  Like all companies, we have technical phone screens and phone interviews with HR, but the mindset for each of the interviewers in the process doesn’t change; you have to continue to prove yourself until the very last interview.  No free passes.  No easy interviews.  This contest is an opportunity for the Mike, Chris, Stacy and Alex to prove themselves 5 different over.  High Risk. High Reward.  

Today is going to be fun.