When asked how he got into tech, guest judge Tobias Ternström responds, “Head first.”

Kinda like how they’re going to throw Be the Next contestants into tomorrow’s challenge. Funny that.

Tobias is a Lead Program Manager for the SQL Server product group. His team owns the development of the T-SQL language, type-system and server-side libraries as well as the connectivity layer including ODBC, JDBC, SqlClient (ADO.NET), PHP (PDO & SQLSRV) and Node.JS. He describes himself as a developer, instructor and architect who has been using SQL Server since mid-90s.

Tobias also has an alter ego—The Racer. That’s right, he’s an avid (amateur) race car driver. His favorite track is the track known as “the green hell” (or Nurburgring), in Germany.

“ I was always the black sheep of the racing club because of my love for the four “jumps” of the ring (and other things…). Best time is just under 8 minutes BTG in a Porsche 911 GT3 RS.” We’re not quite sure what all that means, but are pretty sure Be the Next contestants should stay on their toes or they might be side swiped by this speed racer.