Have you ever wanted to work at Microsoft?

A few weeks ago I was approached to help with a very fun project – something you might not see at other tech companies. The idea was a reality show that brought together four contestants for a very unique set of challenges, that I would help design. These challenges would not only need to show what a candidate thinks, but how they think. The challenges had to be technical enough to be difficult, but not so technical that they couldn’t be solved. And they needed to have a Human Resources component so that we could evaluate how a contestant reacted in various situations, how they used resources available to them, and how they collaborated.

This is a first-rate production. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But it’s a huge, professional group of people doing the directing, filming, and finishing. This isn’t done with a small hand-camera – it’s Hollywood-level stuff, quite literally. What you’ll see in the episodes each week is a small fraction of what we’ll film. (You’ll be able to see some of the stuff we leave on the cutting room floor on the show’s Facebook page.)

And we’re changing people’s lives in this series of shoots. Someone will end up working here, and others won’t. I take that VERY seriously – the person we pick will help Microsoft be a better place, they’ll move away from their home to live here. All of the contestants will be part of something no other tech company has done before.

And you get to watch.

But that’s not good enough. No, I don’t want you just to watch. I want you to play along. That’s right, we’re going to open up the competition. Each week, I’m going to do a blog post recapping that week’s episode. In it, I’m going to give you a way to play along at home. Why play? Aside from flaunting your SQL smarts, each week, three lucky winners will get to pick a Microsoft Press eBook of their choosing (some of those are $70, so we’re not talking chump change here.)

Here’s the kicker:  one Grand Prize Winner will win an HP Folio 13 Ultrabook. Pretty sweet.

So grab some popcorn, pick your favorite contestant, and spend a few minutes playing along with us on the web. We’ll have a reality show that you’ll want to watch and we’ve got prizes you’ll want to win. See you there.


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