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Pre-filming jitters


My communications skills when I am talking to someone in person are fairly good but in front of a camera is another thing.  When talking to another technical person I find the right terms and I can easily elaborate on the topic and share experiences with no problem but I wonder how I will do in front of a camera and outside of my comfort zone. 

I’m looking forward to the competition but I definitely am  not looking forward to being in front of a camera and this might just be the hardest part of the competition.  I am used to leading projects and talking to Windows administrators, SAN administrators, Project Managers, and so forth but talking to someone else who is holding a camera will definitely be a challenge that I am not prepared for.  I will try to focus on the technical side of things and use my experience with leading projects, training junior DBA’s and presenting to the business when selling a technical solution.  Although it is a competition, I will try to have fun and be myself and enjoy every single bit of it because it is once in a lifetime to participate in a show like this one.

  • les buel
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    Talk to the camera just like it is a system admin or dba. Forget that it is a camera.