I still CANNOT believe that this is all happening.  It's extremely surreal to have been selected for BTN.  To be placed in front of a camera and broadcasted to so many people is both terrifying and exciting.  I still don't understand the allure of putting people who are typically introverted, socially awkward and pasty from sitting in front of computer monitor on camera, but I'm game!

From what I can tell, the folks setting this all up have really gone above and beyond to make the entire experience as much fun as possible.  I never imagined when I applied to MS that I'd be going through something like this! When I told my wife, friends and family they were all exceptionally supportive and excited for me, although some good natured ribbing occurred.  They've been referring to the show as "Top Geek" or "Who Wants to be the Next Best Iron Geek."  It helps alleviate some of the nervousness I have about the show, for which I thank them.

The idea of actually becoming the next MS employee would be a dream come true.  I'm a little nervous, but I can't wait to get started!


Watch the #BeTheNext trailer here and don't miss the show's premiere on July 24!