It is a unique experience to come to Microsoft campus and compete with fellow SQL Server enthusiasts who are as passionate about SQL Server as I am.  I have never been to anything like this and it will be a fun and memorable—something I will always remember. 

The first person I told about this was my brothers who were in town and they were very excited for me. We went for drinks to celebrate.  I told a few coworkers and they were envious. They congratulated me and wished me luck and said that they will cheer for me.  I am excited to meet the judges and ask them questions to learn what is it that they like about SQL Server and what drives them to continue learning more and more about SQL Server. 

If I won, it would mean that I have what it takes to work for Microsoft and be part of one of the best companies to work for worldwide.  It also means that my skill level will increase exponentially and reach my goal of becoming a Microsoft Certified Master.