His official title is Senior HR Manager for Microsoft IT. But Tim DiMarco’s unofficial title is ‘The Hiring Ninja’ because he’s freaky good at finding and hiring the right people for the job.

Tim can spot a future Microsoft rock star from a mile way. And he can grill them til they want to weep when he meets them up close. (Okay, that last part’s not entirely true—he doesn’t really make candidates cry—but you get the point. He’s serious biz. You don’t mess with Texas and you don’t mess with Tim.)


Tim DiMarco is the HR yin to Buck Woody’s data yang.  

  • ·         Area of Expertise:  HR, HR Consulting & Strategy; Executive Search
  • ·         Years at Microsoft:  Seven, plus a whole lot more experience in HR & Recruiting in a variety of industries before coming to Microsoft.
  • ·         Favorite piece of Microsoft Trivia:  “We have as many office buildings in Puget Sound 122, vs. Countries we have a Subsidiary presence 112.”
  • ·         What I’m looking for in the next Microsoft Employee:  “I’m looking for someone that works as hard at being a good leader and team member as they do in growing their technical skillset and depth.  Also someone who embraces change and all that comes with it.”

 On July 24, 2012, watch the premiere to see whether the candidates impress the judges on their first SQL challenge!