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Meet Stacy Luciani, aka Captain Zimm

Veronica Sopher - Microsoft

She’s fast. She’s fierce. And she’s a contestant on Be the Next Microsoft Employee, airing July 24, 2012.

Don’t let Stacy’s southern charm fool you—she’s a long-time IT pro with serious SQL chops. She can geek speak with the best of them. She also ran track in high school, so she’s fast on her feet (in more ways than one).

A few other fun facts about Stacy:

Reason for Superhero Nickname: Coach Blakely, Stacy’s World History teacher in high school, called her Zimm because she ran track & her maiden name is Zimmerman.

Fav SQL Feature: DMVs

Little known fact:  She was the only girl taking the first offering of course 689 Supporting Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 – Enterprise Technologies at New Horizons in Dallas.  On the second day of class she actually raised her hand and asked, “What’s a protocol?”  The instructor apparently struggled very hard not to laugh.

Why Stacy believes she should be the next Microsoft employee: “I visited the Charlotte lab in ’05.  I knew then that I had to become an employee & I’ve been working towards it ever since.”

Twitter handle:  @StacyLaray

Watch Stacy, Michael, Chris and Alex duke it out on the season premiere July 24, 2012!


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