From 13 weird tricks to clean your car to a 140 character summaries of the best commencement speeches of 2012 to figuring out your cupcake personality, Reader’s Digest tackles a ton of topics. Good thing they have Michael Kett minding their data—otherwise who knows what would happen to all those tips, tricks, and stories!

Starting on July 24, 2012, we’ll get to see if Michael’s SQL skills meet muster on Be the Next Microsoft Employee.

In addition to working for an iconic magazine, here are few other facts about Michael:

Reason for Superhero Nickname: His superhero name is Turbo because of his incredible ability to drink large quantities of caffeinated beverages.  For example, his favorite coffee drink is 10 shots of espresso over ice.

Fav SQL Feature: Ad-Hoc queries.  The ability to run simple queries against huge amounts of data which return the exact information he wants is powerful.

Little known fact: He bought his first computer at the age of 10 with money he saved from his paper route.

Why Michael thinks he should be the next Microsoft Employee? “My strong technical skills, passion for learning and years of experience would make me a great fit for Microsoft.”

Twitter handle: TurboNYC

Catch Michael and the other three contestants on the season premiere July 24, 2012!