Don’t mess with Chris Williams of Austin, Texas. He’s the most recent addition to the web-based reality show, Be the Next Microsoft Employee.

Chris knows a heck of a lot about GIS. His affection for GIS makes more sense when you learn that he got his start in geology. (That’s right, the study of rocks and minerals.)  His database and GIS skills were good enough to earn him a FEMA Undersecretary Award for the Columbia Shuttle Incident, as well as a Governor’s Award for the Columbia Shuttle Incident.

A few other facts about Chris:

Made-up BTN Superhero Nickname: SQL-Nova

Reason for Superhero Nickname: Because Chris “burns bright for SQL Server.”

Fav SQL Feature: The T-SQL language is his favorite 'feature'. Specifically, he loves CTE's.

Little known fact:  Chris hasn't been without facial hair in over 15 years. He currently sports a goatee.

Why Chris believes he should be the next Microsoft employee: “I'd love the challenge of working for a company like Microsoft. Bringing my 12 years of real-world SQL Server administration experience to an established MS Datacenter would be very interesting.”

Twitter handle: @anote2chris

See all the other contestants strut their SQL stuff during the season premiere on July 24, 2012!