Alex Aguilar is Contestant #1 on Be the Next Microsoft Employee.

Alex is currently putting his SQL superpowers to work in Phoenix, Arizona in a somewhat unusual setting—as a Senior Database Administrator for a leading provider of solid waste collection, transfer and recycling.  An important environment to keep safe and secure!

A few other facts about Alex:

Made-up BTN Superhero Nickname: SQL Hulk

Reason for Superhero Nickname: Alex chose SQL Hulk as his superhero because, like him, The Hulk is curious and always likes to know how things work.  When Alex runs into a problem with SQL Server, his Hulk tendencies come out and he quickly starts researching, thinking outside the box and doesn’t  give up until he understands what caused the problem and how to prevent it in the future. (Warning: Do not mess with Alex if you see him turning green.)

Fav SQL Feature: Compression (Backup and Data)

Little known fact:  Alex is working on a blog focused on IO with real world examples, starting from the user-request down to the storage array.

Why Alex believes he should be the next Microsoft employee: “I love to learn, innovate, and share knowledge and when I think of Microsoft, I think of those words.”

Twitter handle: @SQLHulk 

And see how Alex stacks up against the other contestants during the season premiere on July 24, 2012!

Stay tuned as we announce the three other contestants over the coming weeks…