60 Days to MCSE

60 Days to MCSE
It's a challenge. It's a study group. It's a bunch of IT professionals who are set on adding Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert to their credentials, and they'll do it in 60 days!


#60days2MCSE -- Who, What, Why, Where and How

  • Q: What is this group "60 Days to MCSE" all about?
    A: This is a completely community powered group. Its members are IT professionals who have pledged to achieve the MCSE title in ~60 days. Microsoft Learning is providing this space in response to the community's needs and request.

    Q: Who started this group and why?
    A: It's all Michael Bender's fault. Read
    this blog post on B2L and this post on his blog for the story.

    Q: Who else is in this group?
    A: In addition to IT professionals who participate in the challenge, Microsoft Learning (MSL) Community Manager Veronica Sopher is here to provide support and moderation. We will also invite Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCT) and MSL team members for advice and feedback.

    Q: Can I join?
    A: Yes, everyone who has set a goal to attain MCSE is welcome to join. The challenge is issued by the community, and its members will expect to see your plan and results, so be prepared to act and participate.

    Q: How do I join?
    A: It's easy! (1) If you don't have an account on Born to Learn (B2L) yet, use a Live ID to create one. (If you're an MCP, use the same Live ID.). (2) Send a request to join this group. (3) Use and follow the hashtag #60days2MCSE on Twitter.

    Q: What do I have to do?
    A: Again, what you're signing up for is a community challenge and a study group. Start by introducing yourself in this thread. Everyone will be setting a goal, committing to a timeline, mapping out a study plan and presenting it to the group, finding and sharing preparation materials, taking exams, providing encouragement and support to each other, and celebrating everyone's certification achievements.

    Q: Is it just for Private Cloud certification?
    A: Not at all. This group began organically around MCSE for Private Cloud. Due to community interest, we've added Business Intelligence and Data Platform as well for the SQL Server 2012 portfolio. More titles will become available as new technologies and certifications are announced.


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  • Veronica, can I join this group?

    Thank you!

  • Hi Andy! Of course you're welcome to join! Please visit the group home page and send a request to join (right column). borntolearn.mslearn.net/.../default.aspx