As you move closer to graduation and will soon be entering the workforce, consider the qualifications on your resume that aren’t work experience. One way to stand out is by getting certified in Microsoft technologies. There are currently some great discounts on certifications, so be sure to check those out.


Another way that you can supercharge your resume is by being a part of professional organizations relevant to the industry you are looking to join. The best way to start is to look at industry veterans whom you respect and see if they belong to a professional group or organization. They can sometimes require a commitment of time and money, but they are worth the investment of both.


In the world of software engineering, the foremost organization is the IEEE Society, “the world’s largest professional association dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity,” according to their website.


If you’re not familiar with the IEEE, it is very student-friendly and knows that the future of technological innovation lies with dedicated students. They have compiled a robust repository of interesting videos on that are engaging for students interested in the IT field.


Here are a few of my videos recommendations:


Nerd Girls: This is a series that documents some cool projects by the Nerd Girls, a group of stylish, self-possessed, ambitious and confident women who are engineering students to boot. It is really an interesting series that breaks down the myth that engineering is an industry dominated by men.


Art, Technology, and Whimsy: Students at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program show off creations that spin technology in fun new ways, such as an upright piano rigged to make mixed drinks and a motion-sensitive belt buckle that can be used to control vintage arcade games.


The Future Awaits: This is my personal favorite. It is a retro video from the Global History Network, done as a recruitment tool for leadership positions in IEEE student branches on college campuses.