Great news for graduating IT students! According to an Economic Impact Survey taken by CIO of 333 top IT executives, 54 percent plan to increase their budget in 2011. This is a big improvement from May 2009 when a mere 14 percent planned to increase their budget. Where will all this increased funding be spent? Many IT executives will be investing in mobile solutions, top-line revenue-generating projects, and applications. Even more exciting for students is news that 56 percent will be increasing salaries and 42 percent plan on bringing on new employees.

What does this mean for IT students? This means that now, at the beginning of 2011 is a great time to start looking for employment for after graduation. If you haven’t already started applying, there is no better time to start than now. Also, familiarizing yourself with in-demand technologies is essential for anyone entering the job market this year. A great route for students to take will be to specialize in mobile technologies and application development. Even if that is not your specialty, becoming familiar with the concepts and technologies will definitely prove an invaluable asset to you as you search for a job.

Earning a Microsoft Certifications can help prove to employers your expertise in your field. To start your education in these in-demand and other technologies visit the Microsoft Learning Training page.

[via CIO]