Are You a Student Looking to Land a Career in IT?


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Are You a Student Looking to Land a Career in IT?

Lorna White (Microsoft)

For students who are just getting started in an IT career, Microsoft has lots of resources.   One career resource is the Microsoft Student Career Portal.  It’s a good place to check out IT job roles like Web Developer, a Server Administrator, Consumer Support Technician, etc.  If you're not quite sure which direction to take, the portal has a nifty tool to explore which role might be a good fit. 

Once you have a job role in mind, dig a little deeper by going into Start Your Career and selecting that job role.  You'll see that each role outlines the skills necessary and training you need to get there.  The final step, of course, is validating your skills. Microsoft offers great discounts for students who are interested in getting a Microsoft Certification.  As you enter the job market, a Microsoft Certification is a good way to set yourself apart as you look for a job in a competitive job market.  And, it just so happens that you can get up to 55% off standard certification exam fees PLUS a Free Exam Retake by going to Special Offers.  

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