Hasan Eksi, Computer Science Teacher at Chesapeake Math and IT Academy (CMIT) in Laurel, MD, reports in to the IT Academy blog with a wrap-up of the school's first year as an IT Academy.

Hasan Eksi, Computer Science Teacher, Chesapeake Math and IT Academy Laurel, MD

In the first year, CMIT certified 50 Microsoft Office Specialists in the sixth grade....

7th grade....

...and 8th grade. Congratulations CMIT students!

I am the Computer Science teacher at Chesapeake Math and IT Academy (CMIT). I teach Microsoft Office Suite and Introduction to Programming to my 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. I wanted to let everyone know how easy it is to get started with the IT Academy program and how priceless it is.

CMIT being an IT school, our principal was looking into technology programs which we could implement. As we all know, certification is crucial in the IT field; so it was important for our students to learn how to use Microsoft Office effectively AND get an industry recognized certification. Microsoft IT Academy program was the perfect fit for this.

Shortly after we enrolled in the program and started utilizing its resources, our students became competent in Microsoft Office. I have even received many emails from parents writing about how their kids have helped them out in Microsoft Word, Excel, and other Microsoft programs.

We also wanted our students to be able to take the certification exam at our facility; and thanks to Microsoft IT Academy it only took a couple of days to become a Certiport Authorized Testing Center.

In our first year, we now have 50 students who are Microsoft Office Specialists. There are two 6th graders, thirty 7th graders, and eighteen 8th graders who have been certified. The parents are extremely happy with the results.

Personally, I was not expecting this much success in our first year; we did not advertise the program at all. Now we are looking at 150 certifications for next year. I am confident that we will reach our goals with the help of our strong IT Academy program.

Thanks to Microsoft IT Academy, some of our students are looking for more advanced certifications now, and others are very excited to take their first steps on the certification journey.

Thanks IT Academy!

Chesapeake Math and IT (CMIT) Academy is a Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) public charter school in northern Prince George’s County that aims to serve grades 6 through 12 with an academic program focusing on mathematics and information technologies (IT). Learn more about the Chesapeake Math and IT Academy program at www.cmitacademy.org

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