Let’s talk about the Conference Tracks and about the things you can get out of attending the Microsoft Certified Career Conference.

1.       A job! Yes, that is not impossible at all. Even in tough economies companies are still hiring and they are looking for the best of the best. Skilled people have better odds, today more than ever. We are going to help you build skills that will enhance your chances, and we are not just talking about landing a job, we are talking about landing the job that is right for you!

Right now we are talking to recruiters, hiring managers, career coaches and authors, and we are talking about an exciting ‘Career Essentials’ Track that will help you build the skills you need to find the right job, write a winning letter, build a resume, go in to the job interview with a smart strategy etc. The first presenter in this track will be Stephen Rose who will help you Manage and Build your brand (i.e. you). Stephen will cover an essential skills set with which employees can use today’s social networking tools and become a brand themselves. Stephen manages a plethora of forums and blogs and he's a constant user of Twitter and Facebook. Just have a look at Stephen's technical content on the Springboard Series on TechNet, the Windows 7 Forums, the Springboard Insider Newsletter, The Windows Team Blog, Talking about Windows and the STEP program. Of course you can also follow the Springboard Series on TechNet via Twitter @MSSpringboard or on his personal feed @stephenrose.   

Why this session? Because these new tools enable all of us to reach a large number of customers, business partners and friends with just the flick of a wrist. And over time, Stephen has become a brand in his own right. Hear how he manages his communication, positioning and how he manages his own brand. Stay tuned, as we expect to announce quite a few more presenters for Career Essentials track in the next few weeks as well as companies that will have a booth at our Career Fair!


2.       The right job! How do you know if a job is right for you? Well, why not hear from people in the roles you may be looking at? Learn if you have the right skills and – more importantly – hear what these people really do from day to day.  Or hear more about new opportunities; for instance, learn more about SQL Azure and Windows Azure from Lynn Langit in her ‘Opportunity Knocks’ session.


3.       The skills to do the job better than others!  Some of our best Microsoft Certified Trainers are going to work with to get you some key new skills through two hour sessions based on Microsoft Official Courses. Don’t miss Susan Ibach on SQL Server, Craig Brown on Windows 7 or Christopher Harrison on Visual Studio. Plug in to Jennifer Snoddy’s high speed ’The 60 Minute PowerPoint Rock Star’ session to get some end user training that will uncover hidden PowerPoint gems that will make you a PowerPoint Rock Star.


If you have already put in some training and you are getting ready for the exam, you may find the ‘Super Cert Me’ sessions extremely helpful. Microsoft Certified Trainers will help you prepare by pointing out areas to focus on, things to watch out for, additional resources; anything they can throw at you so you go in to the exam with better odds. (more sessions to be announced soon, we do of course plan to cover all main Microsoft products)



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