Passed Server Hyper-V Exams

  • Hey guys passed my exam yesterday.

  • Congrats John.

  • Congrats John, I'm sitting it March 31st. Any tips?

  • I have taken the exam. I've passed. Come on guys! It's pretty easy!

  • Guys I really need material you used for your 409 Exam-jvegpez help!

  • I just followed the virtualization provided by and did the practice exams provided by

    Lot of reading and some long sleepless nights and practice and more practice and more more practice.

    The exam is not that difficult as long as you prepare effectively.

  • Just passed 74-409 myself today. What John D. said. Digging through MVA classes on Windows Server 2012 R2 and System Center 2012 R2 helped a lot. Also the TechNet Virtual Labs didn't hurt.

  • How many questions have you? And simulation quests? thanks ;-)


  • Was the test only questions or in a hands on lab? Thank you

  • the questions were all multiple choice question and some scenario types once again don't fear the exam the race is already defeated if you doubt yourself. Please prepare cant over emphasize, the hyper-v tutorial with Corey and Simon is really good. So go listen and get some practice I have a notebook with 8gb so I just download and attached the 2012 vhd file and banded away.

    Good Luck to all test takers.

  • How many questions in this exam please?

  • 54 Questions  2 hours and 30 minutes



  • My test was 45 questions. Majority were multiple guess with a few scenario type questions. Like other say it's not bad. I did a few of the virtual academy videos and built an environment from scratch. Used the eval version of the System Center Resources, VHD's etc...

  • Hello guys I passed the exam :) I did the test twice ! I think this study group is the most helpful thing to approve! I really appreciate the help I got here! for those who want my key YOU NEED PRATICE A LOT, you can use the virtual labs! Don't be scared I didn't know anything about network virtualization at the begining. Go guys get this certifacation yours