Hi Everyone

  • I would just like to wish the best of luck to anyone who is preparing for the 98-349 exam. I recently passed this one so if you have any questions, feel free to ask. I used the Microsoft Official Academic Course book (Windows Operating System Fundamentals) as a sole resource for studying.


    MTA: (OS, Networking, HTML5)

  • I'm preparing for this exam, besides that book you mentioned are there any other books or vids you know of that could help.

  • Also please shed a bit more light on that book.

  • Hi Adetunji,

    If I'm totally honest, the Microsoft Official Academic Course (MOAC) books tend to be really good. You can even buy the majority of them as e-books and get a discount off the normal price. Click here for a link to this book. For this course in fact, I don't think you need any other supplementary resources. Just go through the book and the examples and make sure you do the summary questions that are at the end of each chapter as they are very helpful in solidifying understanding.

    I wish you the very best of luck for your exam Smile


    MTA: (OS, Networking, HTML5)

  • Congratulations Michael on your MTA certifications! I'm glad the MTA MOAC worked well for you in preparing for your exams. Did you know that on the wiki you can also find MTA Student Study Guides to help you realize where your knowledge gaps are as you prepare for an exam? Many of the MTA exams also have fundamental tracks on the online AreYouCertifiable site. Keep up the great work!


     Victoria Pohto

  • How does the Windows 8.1 release coming up affect the MTA and Desktop/OS certifications?  I am about to ramp up on the Desktop Certs in June.  Maybe I should hold off until 8.1 is released?

    Mary Myers Devlugt, MCT

  • As the MTA in Windows Operating System Fundamentals is based on Windows 7, the release of Windows 8.1 should have no effect.

    I'm not sure if Microsoft will release an MCSA in Windows 8.1.


    MTA: (OS, Networking, HTML5)

  • I'm trying to get an idea about costs involved for the 98-349 exam. Did you get your certification the U.S.? If so, how much did it run you?

  • So wheres all the online training etc ??


  • I'm based in the UK and paid £76 to take the exam. I would advise you to visit the Prometric website for the exact price for your country.


    MTA: (OS, Networking, HTML5)

  • Congratulations on passing your exams. Am now preparing for the exams and about finishing my preparation for the (Windows Operating System Fudamentals).

    Please how was the exams and do you have any advice for me

  • hi congratulations. Am just about  finishing my preparations for the MTA OS FUND pls do you have any advise for me.and please can you email me the study guid you used


    MTA:(Networking,Security,Server Admin)

  • Hi Michael. I'm really Glad you passed the MTA for Windows OS and Networking exams. I'm actually posting because I'm new to Microsoft Certifications and I'm kind of confused with some things that I don't have cleared right know.

    I'm going to start by saying that I'm going to get Certified as a CCNA by Cisco next month and I'm looking into Microsoft Certifications because I'll take the Data Center Path, so I was thinking about earning some Microsoft Certifications that can help me to get in a Better position to start looking for a Job. I don't want to get to deep so I'll go straight to the Point.

    I'm really interested in getting the MCSA for Windows Server, but since I'm new to the Microsoft Certification World, I'd like to start by getting the MTA for Windows Server first. I was looking for a Self-study Material to study for the MTA but I did not find anything. I've seen that you've got 2 Certifications with MOAC's books in the Wiley website. Now, I thought the Official Self-study materials were sold by O'Rilley. Could you please tell me where is exactly where I can find Microsoft's Official Study Materials ?

    P.D: The reason why I post here is because there are no posts in the MTA for Windows Server study group.

    I'd appreciate if you can help me or tell me about your experience with Microsoft Certifications.

    You can contact me at: mperezs@hotmail.com

    Thanks before hand.

  • Max,

    I am writing to see if you received an answer to your question.  I will email you as well.

    Thank You,


  • Hi Max,

    Their book that is available is the Wiley book and is a Microsoft Official Academic Course. There is also the instructor-led course that uses the same book materials, course 40365A. Another option for some free training is the Microsoft Virtual Academy at:


    Let me know if you have more questions! =)