MS Exam Ref 70-332 / MOC 20332B

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    on upcoming Tuesday I will try my 2nd shot as I failed at my first try to pass the 70-332 exam. I do have both books mentioned at the subject to do my study. Where as the first one (the green Exam ref) is not mentioning anything about workflows and Workflow Manager the MOC does in a particular grade. 

    I have had a question about workflows in my Exam, but I can't tell you exactly what the question was about or looked like. But in general when a developer builds a workflow that would have the need to access to external lists I assume I would need to configure BDCS and Secure Store services first? What about to run the workflows itself? Do I need to install any workflow services?

    Many thanks for any hints where to find my questions to be answered or referenced.



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  • See here for howto setup workflows in SharePoint 2013: