CBT Nuggets has a course with Greg Shields that is great for preparing for the 70-414

  • https://secure.cbtnuggets.com/it-training-videos/series/microsoft-windows-server-2012-70-414

    I have been using CBT Nugget training to supplement my labs and reading (when the books are published) to prepare for my Microsoft exams to date. I highly recommend it and find the experience as close to a classroom environment as you can get for far less money. 

    Best of luck to all who are studying to take the 70-414 exam and get their MCSE Server Infrastructure cert!

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  • I posted some general preparation tips on the 70-413 forum that may be helpful for you. http://meme.ms/nrro636

  • Thank for sharing, Ben. Are you affiliated with CBT Nuggets?

  • No affiliation with CBT, just a subscriber! It has been so helpful in my Microsoft certification journey that I had to give them a shout out and let people know what a resource they can be.

  • CBT Nuggets are great in preparing for Microsoft certifications, just like TrainSignal is :)

  • I do have a TrainSignal subscription, and used some of them for my MCSA studies. Don't see any content for this test, but it looks like they have one for the 247 exam in the Private Cloud track.

  • Would be nice if the url provided content