Module 6 Lab

  • Is anyone else having problems opening the Central Admin Web Site? I had to disconnect the server from the farm, then rejoin the farm before it would launch. I have reverted the VMs a few times and same problem. I think the issue is in contacting the SQL server. I feel the SQL server isn't talking to the DC properly. In rejoining the farm I needed to use the IP address too, despite PING on the name working correctly. This was the only way I could browse to select the config database to rejoin farm. I would be interested to note if anyone else has the same problem and a better solution.

  • I had the same problem, I had students rejoin to the domain in my classroom.

  • I had the same problem but now I resolved it.  Disable the loopback check of your DC and SP vms and restart the three virtual machines firstly start DC after session manager comes then only going to restart DB and  then SP vms.  I hope it will be ok

  • Whilst all your servers are started simply restart MSSQLSERVER services on the DB Server.