Failed the 70-413

  • I was obviously crushed as I felt I had prepared as well as I could with the current materials.  I scored under 500, so something went horribly wrong.

    The Exam Ref 70-413: Designing and Implementing a Server Infrastructure by Steve Suehring should not be trusted. Not only does it not cover all the exam objectives, but according to the reviews, it is not even accurate on topics it does cover. That is my mistake for not researching the book better before purchasing.

    I will also mention there were several questions regarding Microsoft's cloud offerings that I did not expect, and do not appear to be part of the 2012r2 objectives. I hope these were beta questions, but nothing instills panic like seeing completely unexpected topics.

    According to my score report, I need to concentrate more on 1.2, 3.3, and 1.5; This information is sort of helpful, but a bit misleading. Without disclosing the actual content, I can say there was only a single question that related to objective 1.5; Since it made my top three failures, I am guessing it was very heavily weighted.

    Can anyone recommend any printed training materials that have been updated for 2012 R2? The new training guide will not be out for another four months or so

  • Azure content is now part of the updated training objectives for 70-413.  Kind of sad that MS has added the content without even having their own training materials live yet. has a MS provided document on the updated objectives.  I failed last week with a 644, so I'll be heading back in tomorrow to knock it out after studying the new topics, but as with any MS exam it's like shooting fish in an ocean instead of a barrel.  

  • Thanks for the links to the new objectives. It would be nice if these were published on the 70-413 page for everyone to read.

  • I failed today with a 686.  I wish I had failed with a lower score.  4 of my 5 objectives were above 80% and only one was at 75% and I still failed.  I wish MS would publish their weighted scales.  

  • If you haven't already check out my blog on obtaining your MCSE in 90-days. Has some tips from my journey.

  • Thanks for the link Ben, but tips are not what is needed here.

  • I feel for you guys. I passed the 70-412 in May and have been wanting to study for the 70-413, however, there is no valid training material for it. I am waiting for the second edition of Exam Ref 70-413 to come out but it won't be published til July 17. That means 2 months wasted because there is no good training material.

    This is just terrible by Microsoft. Really disappointed with their training materials (or lack of).

    Is there any other valid current study material?

  • Have you guys already checked out the Exam Prep Session done at TechEd NA 2014:

    70-413 is indeed a beast of a exam, but in my opnion, and exam can't be hard enough, that remains our certifications at a high value. I also understand that it is frustrating when you fail for an exam, The best thing you can do is create your own lab, and make your own lab scenario, then you will learn the most. You really need the practical experience nowadays.

  • As I posted on B2L:

    The exam prep sessions are oddly titled, as no one could expect a 73 minute video to prepare you for an exam. I think Microsoft should call them exam orientations. The videos do an excellent job of presenting an overview of the exams. They in no way prepare you to pass a test though.

  • Jason, they do prepare you, you exactly know what to study. But it's part of the preparation, prepping for an exam, requires studying, reading whitepapers, and practicing in a lab and focusing on the objectives (that is what exam prep really does great).

  • I pre-ordered the ebook for Exam Ref 70-413, and it should be out on 7/7/2014

    The bad news is that this is still only an Exam Ref, and will only benefit those who are familiar with the concepts already and will not have the depth required to pass the exam. If we are lucky, Tim and Paul will deliver a good study guide that is not riddled with errors like book.

  • I cannot disagree with your logic, but I think most people would agree that preparing you to prepare is not exactly the level of assistance sought by most candidates. That is information I prefer to see in list form anyway, and generally refer to the "skills measured" section when it has been updated on time.

  • The practical experience thing is certainly a point of contention. Microsoft has to sell their certifications to both the candidates and businesses. If they make it too easy, business may lose respect. If they make it too hard candidates will not be interested and will seek other vendor's certifications.

    Regardless of the difficulty, Microsoft should be able to publish specific training material that allows all candidates to start at the beginning and learn the required skills. The training material should include hands on lab guides that allow them to obtain practical experience. Currently Microsoft seems to lean toward protecting certifications through obscurity, which leads to accusations of trick questions and other shenanigans.

  • Hi, does anyone know if there is some Lab Training for this course including the Second Edition material?


  • Hello,

    I failed for the exam today (686 / 1000), it is a hell on wheels exam.

    I had a lot of training resources and spent a lot of time on learning this. Unfortunatly i had a blackout and messed up some thing in the case study while doing the exam ...  can someone give me an up to date list of training materials for the 70-413 certification ?