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  • So question to everyone about the MCSE certs with Case Study like questions.  What are the best ways to prepare for those type of questions?  Tips?  Materials?

  • I'm fairly sure these killed me when I sat the exam. I scored 90% in the other 4 sections, but I think both my case studies were in one objective. I answered well, but they were very bad questions, and currently the exam is in MS review as its got a lot of issues.

    Negativity aside, they are the same format as 646 if you sat that in 2008 R2, a lot of background information on the current setup and plans, then questions based on it. Unfortunetly the information needed to answer is missing a lot from the background info, and there was quite a few 'pick the least incorrect answer' in it.

    Best way to study? Its probably the clearest case of 'Microsoft Way not the Right Way'. If Microsoft recommends some insane DC placement in the books/study, thats the answer regardless. If a question asks if you should deploy over one hundred DFSR servers (not a made up number btw), its yes, even if that can never actually work or replicate, and you'd hire 10 staff to deal with conflicts. If the question asks 'Should you use some System Center app that costs 30 grand in licensing to do something you can do with a batch file for free', yes, yes you should blow your entire IT budget to look at a product that this exam isn't meant to cover.

  • The best way of preparing for cases is just practical experience with designing and creating High Level Designs.MeasureUp also has some good practice material for 70-413.

    Best way to study? Its probably the clearest case of 'Microsoft Way not the Right Way'. 

    I don't agree with "The Microsoft Way is the right way", because exam questions are created and reviewed by Subject Matter Experts, who don't think in the Microsoft Way, is there is a Microsoft Way of thinking.

    Also checkout this video:

  • I'm interested in the MeasureUp 413 products, I didn't see them listed, do you have any links to them?  Also, I haven't heard about issues with the 413, is there any status on the exam in reguards to the review?

  • Thanks everyone.

  • Guido: Microsoft MVPs/SME think in the Microsoft way, not the right way. The exam had some insane scenarios that I'm hoping the review will fix up. Have to actually disagree, real world experience is a hindrance for the case scenarios, its easier to recall the MS answer without the voice in your head going 'but I've never done that, it would never work in a real network, users will never put up with it'

    Scott: The review is up to 5 weeks, and its stated as '4-6 weeks'. Emailed them to follow up, I'll paste the response here when its done. Not expecting anything except a vague 'we're constantly improving, keep paying to sit the exam until we get it right'

  • Quick update, exam review is 'still going' and they'll 'get back to me'.

    Will be 6 weeks on Sunday. Veronica Sopher has ignored my last question on Born to Learn for 2 weeks, so I'd consider 'Microsoft needs to know' as 'Microsoft doesn't care'

  • Quick update #2. exam review is still 'still going'.

    We're past 6 weeks now. I'd say the exam appeal process is a joke, taking a refund Monday. Why take a second shot at a faulty exam?

  • Hi ImmoRhys,

    We have reviewed 413. The subject matter experts that reviewed the content felt that it met the target audience and the solutions focus that requires knowledge of VMM (which seems to be the most common complaint) and System Center. Did you submit an item challenge? I can look into the status of that challenge. If you didn't submit one, please do. Any specifics that you can provide about issues that you have with specific questions will help us focus our review in more constructive ways.


  • Hi Liberty,

    I submitted an Item Challenge 7 weeks ago for 70-413. Listed the exact questions with faults, and since I filled out 10 minutes worth of feedback when I sat the exam, anyone who actually bothered to read the item challenge/feedback would be well aware of the problems with the exam.

    However, Microsoft's response to the item challenge is 'we'll get back to you' for the last 7 weeks. I don't believe anyone read it, and therefore the exam is probably still broken now.

    Microsoft tracking numbers for the emails following up the Item challenge are:







    Also messaged Veronica Sopher on here, but no response in weeks.

    Basically Item challenges are being ignored by everyone possible. The exam has a lot of problems.

    Getting a refund Monday instead of using my Second Shot. Why sit a faulty exam twice?

  • Update for those considering this exam, after 7 weeks MS has offered an exam voucher. Still taking a refund.

    They have said the question that is entirely outside of the exam scope is valid, and 'passed on my feedback' regarding the rest of the faulty questions, to the relevant people, which I believe is code word for recycle bin.

    As predicted, and mentioned above, nobody really read the feedback or investigated. Nothing really changed. If I sat the exam tomorrow I'd get the same questions I had last time, and the same questions in the brain dumps that have been posted up since.

    Heard nothing back from Liberty, but they may have at least pushed this along to this point.

  • This is a tricky test, mostly because some of the questions are ambiguous.  I think the test would be much better with more detail in the questions.  A few of the questions (and even some answers) don't provide enough detail to make a logical choice between the various options.  Planning and designing are difficult concepts to begin with, and this test seems to struggle to simplify them into multiple choice questions.  I'd love to provide more detail, but I don't want to violate confidentiality.  I maxed out the allotted comment time, and I hope my feedback was helpful.

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