Obtained my MCSE Server Infrastructure certification yesterday!

  • I passed the 414 exam yesterday and averaged 890 on all five exams! It took me just over two months to knock them all out and was definitely a lot of hours, energy, and coffee, but so worth it! I posted in this forum to encourage you all to stick with it! I wrote a short post about my journey to MCSE certification with some tips and resources on my blog at: www.benofthecloud.com

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    Seriously, if you have any questions on my lab setup, resources used, whatever, be sure to hit me up via my blog or twitter.

    Best of luck to all of you preparing to knock it out! Smile

  • Congrats Ben!

  • I posted a comment on my blog post detailing a little better perspective on my study approach in hindsight of passing the MCSE Server Infrastructure and Private Cloud exams. I am going to formulate a more comprehensive post to encourage others in how to conquer theses MCSE exams quickly and effectively. Here is the link to the benofthecloud.com comment with all the details:


  • Congrats Ben. You did the whole journey of those two certifications in an incredible amazing amount of time. About 2 months, I remember you asking how to approach those exams, and that was less then two months ago. Very good!

  • I updated the post with some R2 changes. benofthecloud.wordpress.com/.../dual-mcse-certification-in-90-days

  • congratulations. Kindly advice cos am preparing for my exams but can you provide me the study material and dumps if any. Thanks

  • You can reach on my email, pauloo213.okus@gmail.com