new material for upgraded exams??

  • several MS certs are being upgraded over the next couple of months. For example 70-412. Is there a list of new topics covered please? I assume that all of the study material on the MVA site is all for the "mark 1" versions of these tests?

  • The Microsoft learning site says that the exams will be updated as of January this year (2014). I recently attended the 412 training course and the trainer assured me that in Europe the 412 wouldn't be updated to include r2 material until around April. Still makes me nervous though!

  • Yes there is a list. I've blogged about 70-412 details which includes the updates for R2. Most of the questions will probably resemble the previous ones, as they are just calling things 2012 R2 now. Either way, you'll need to know the differences that R2 brings. Also, in the US the R2 questions are absolutely live now.

  • Have you been on the Microsoft Learning site?