Did the 70-411 Exams

  • Hey all did the 70-411 Exams.

  • Just remember to focus on the syllabus the WDS DFS group Policy management and just constantly practice. Here is how I see it take 2 weeks to go through the materials be it cbt nuggets , trainsignal or whatever the source is. The next 2 weeks find some exam type questions and practice review the questions wrong or right make sure you understand the answers and scenarios that comes with it. Practice the labs get familiar with the technology and the rest will fall in. To all exam takers keep practicing and keep a clear mind on exam day and if you fail try again as the race is not for the swift but those who endure to the end good luck to all test takers again.

  • Well done, I failed 2nd time it has been a PITA. I see there is now the official updated exam ref only 6 months late, may have to get that for my third attempt.

  • Hey Paul M don't understand that acronym PITA please forgive me explain .

  • lol pain in the a...

  • LOL ...... I know that feels with some of the daily road blocks. But just keep on pressing that's the only way.

  • yeah, very annoying I missed by 20 points, had way too many questions on NPS and NAP, given than NAP is deprecated in R2 is strange they are testing so much on it. Also way too much focus on silly little things like which "tab" has the option in question, powershell command which not even the tutors I have come across can re-call the syntax from memory and the like.  

  • the exam that I did didn't have a lot of NPS but it had some weird questions didn't have much R2 stuff but all and all it was doable.

  • Well I did my exam this weekend and failed myself. I notice that it had a lot of GPO stuff and vm stuff. But I'm going to study some more and see what I could learn. Some of the material was different from what the book said.

    That kind of threw me off too... after you failed did you try other book or read the same thing?

  • congratulations

    i need the dumps 70-411

  • Please avoid the use of brain dump sites. This is considered cheating.