Has anyone attempted 70-411 yet?

  • Hi all,

    I just passed the 70-410 test (woot!) and am currently turning my eyes to the next in line (70-411). However, it appears that the books for this test are still several months away from release. It was the Microsoft Press 70-410 and it's review questions that helped me pass 70-410 so I'm concerned that the Technet articles alone won't be enough to properly prepare me. We've been using Server 2012 in our environment since it's release, is this (combined with the technet articles) enough to grasp the concepts that are being tested for?


  • I haven't passed it yet but from reading the course materials it seems it is very focused on managing the servers. If you've been happily administering your servers for some time you will likely find that you've got most of the info you need. Filling the gaps with TechNet articles should be fine. It's disappointing that the books are so far away from release.

  • I haven't taken the 70-411, but it does cover WS 2012 server administration, covering Active Directory, Network Policy Server, Remote Access and Group Policy to name a few.

    The details of the skills measured can be found here:


    The Born To Learn has great resources and links to help study for 70-411, so good luck!!

  • I am using the 417 book. It's for the upgrade exam, but it covers the same objective areas of the 3 individual exams. So far I have found it to be a good reference along with the wiki resources.www.amazon.com/.../ref=pd_sim_b_1

  • G'day Michael, I am currently studying for the 410 exam with the Microsoft Press Book and will be sitting the exam in the next couple of weeks, and like others I notice that the MS Press book for the 411 will not be available. Do you think the 417 would be really adequate as I don't really want to wait August for the book to be released.....

  • Good morning kats! I passed the 70-411 today. I used the CBT Nuggets videos which helped a lot. Other than that I did a lot of research on the TechNet pages on the key areas. I would recommend looking in depth at NAP / NPS, Bit Locker in a domain environment, monitoring of servers, WSUS, and VPN. There was a lot of this in the exam today. Nate.

  • Congrats Nate and thanks for the recommendation.

  • I'll let you know in about 2 weeks after I take 411.

  • Congrats Nate!

    And thanks for the recommendations everyone, I just scheduled my test for June 17th, so I guess it's time to put my nose down and start studying.

  • Yeah Congrats Nate!,

    @Zapman2003 - what resources are you using?


  • I just took the 411 last Thursday and failed. Big emphasis on the networking stuff (probably because I'm AD admin and that stuff is really familiar to me) but I would look at NPS as it applies to a domain as well as VPN connections, and be sure to understand it fully. that was my biggest tripping point. I blogged about my experience here . let me know if anything rings true for anyone else

  • I am the same, I am so disappointed that Microsoft have not released 411 and 412 I dont see any reason for them to do this they are doing us wrong i am so angry , I have started the road to 2012 certification and i i dont want to stop now and wait till October it will be very hard to start again i want to do the rest of exams while the information is still fresh, Here is a message to Microsoft stop stuffing you most valuable customers around and release the Press books NOW

  • Sorry my mistake there is one book out Training Guide: Administering Windows Server 2012 also looks like there is practice exams , i guess i will try them and see

  • I just passed my 410 test and the MS exam prep book was not a bad supplement (I also used TrainSignal and TechNet) but how they can not release the perp book for 411 and yet release the test is beyond me.  Thank you Michael B for the recommendation on 417's prep - I may go that route.

  • G'day everyone, just starting on studying for the 70-411 using the Wiki resources and Train Signal. Just have a question for anyone that is studying or has studied.

    In regards to "update images with patches, hotfixes, and drivers; install features for offline images" should I be looking into DISM or the Deployment workbench?

    I am pretty disappointed there is no MS Press Book for this exam yet!