Windows Server 2012 unleashed is it close to the 70-411 certification ?

  • Hi early certified,

    I started to learn the 70-411 certification with the Windows Server 2012 Unleashed. This book is interesting but some errors have been written on it ( example about NTFS replaced by ReFS (WTF?!?))

    So, I ask you to know (if we forget these mistakes), this book is it the good way to learn the 70-411 ?

    I checked that 25/35 chapters seem to concern this certification.

    Someone can confirm or infirm this information ?

    Best Regards

    Nicolas Y.

  • @Nicolas - I would recommend books from Microsoft Press . If you want more/other resources specifically for exam 411, check out the wiki.

  • Hi Veronica,

    Thanks for this information but MSPress books for this certification ares not release yet...

    So I decided to use Unleashed edition to learn 70-411.

    It could be intersting to have a feedback about people that already used it to learn this certification ?

    Someone ?


    Nicolas Y.

  • Nicolas,

    You can use my wiki, which has a lot of sources:

    And build your own lab, then you'll learn the most ;). Also checkout Keith Mayer's Early Expert Challenge:

  • Hi Guido,

    I'm using these both resources to learn it ;) . Mayer's blog is currently more efficient for an 70-410 than 70-411. He told me that the new resources for 70-411 will be avalaible soon.

    I'm staying tune ;)


    Nicolas Y.

  • hey all,

    I found that the best resources are two fold :

    1) have a lab to try it out in

    2) use the TechNet Library

    TN Library is not as easily consumed as the unleashed or MS Press books, but it does allow you to focus in on the specific topic you are working with and get the info that you need. so by using the two above you can work your way down the list of 'skills measured' until you are comfortable with each topic ( ).

    I a currently working my way through the networking portion, but I did a quick scan of all of the topics to see where I needed to concentrate first.

    Hoping my next exam will be in 2 weeks if my project schedule allows it, so wish me luck


  • Thanks Guido for the information.

    My Exam is in  4 weeks so i am hoping for the best.

    Michael H.

  • Try the 417 Exam Reference. It may not be as detailed as unleashed, but the chapters map to the objective areas of 410, 411, and 412.

  • I'm using the same process to study for 70-411 that I used for 70-410. I read the Sybex book for MCSA, it is very general and doesn't give great detail information. Then I take a battery of practice tests and review the questions I miss and review the information on TechNet.

    It worked for my 410 exam so I'm hoping it will work for 411.

  • @Nicolas

    Microsoft launches a new file system called Refs "Resilient File System".

    for more detail chk out this

  • Hi Ankur Arya,

    I know what it's ReFS but Microsoft NEVER decisde to replace NTFS by ReFS...


    Nicolas Y.