Anyone interested in doing MCSA 2012 google hangouts?

  • Anybody interested in doing google hangout study sessions together? We'll go through the full official Microsoft topics and we can go through labs together (70-410; 70-411 and 70-412). All that will be needed are:

    1. A good internet connection and a gmail account (free)
    2. A PC with at least 8GB RAM (More recommended if available)

    This way we can learn and practice together which gives great motivation and we can learn from each others experiences.

    No time wasters please.

  • That sounds like a great idea...

  • send me your gmail address if you're interested. lots of forums have loads of information that's not that useful to beginners and doesnt help.. will be great to have a true study group and real collaboration

  • I´m interested in joing these study sessions??? I can we do it ????

  • I am interested too, so ?

  • Hi Corwin, can you please send me your gmail address and i'll add you to the group. @gmazzeit - I added you already :)

  • We'll have a video hangout this weekend. If you can read a little on group policy, we'll discuss this :)

    Saturday 26/07/2014 - 5pm to 9pm (GMT)

    MCSE 2012 (70-410) - Group Policy

    Please join the meeting, by clicking on this link:

    Meeting ID: m85-796-799

  • Awesome I would love to join.. I started studying for the 410 last week.

  • I'll send my gmail to you. I am sitting for the test on Monday next week.

  • Thanks but I don't see any group , pls send me a mail. Tks

  • I´m interested in joing these study sessions.

    My email address:

  • Please allow me to join email

  • I want to B part of it...

  • Added those who sent their gmail addresses to the group. Please confirm if you've seen the notification. My gmail address is There are about 29 people in the group and it's very active. As mentioned, we'll have another video hangout this Saturday

  • @Ed_003 - I've added you to the group. Nice that you just started your study. We'll be ding a video hangout on 70-410 group policy this Saturday :)