70-410 Free Practice Questions

  • I've spent the last decade studying for various Windows Server exams, going way back to Server 2003. Like most of you, I find that there's nothing better than practice questions to help compliment the books so I created my own practice test. All of the questions were written myself, absolutely no braindumps but a unique collection of questions, hand crafted you might say.

    I wanted to share the questions with you so you get the benefit of my hard work too. I've wrapped the questions in a practice test here:


    *If moderators see this message, please take the time to check the quality of the questions.


  • At least one question has incorrect answer, redirecting all newly joined computer accounts to specific OU.

  • Care to be more specific on that? What was the question and why do you think the answer was wrong?

  • Thanks, great test

  • It would be great if there will be 50-100 questions, but anyways Thanks! Appreciated the good deed. :)

  • appreciated!

  • Your manager has asked you to configure the company Windows Server 2012 domain controller. He wants all new computer accounts to be placed in the General OU, when computers join the domain . Which command should you use to accomplish this?

    The correct answer is redircmp.  You have dsmove as the correct answer.

    Dsmove could be used after the machine joins the domain.  Redircmp automatically places new computer accounts into the container specified when a new computer joins the domain.

  • that is indeed correct. Thanks for the upload. Would you mind if i make a VCE from it?

  • First let me say thank you for posting this.  I appreciate the challenge your questions pose.  

    But I think you have the incorrect answer tagged here:

    A server named Server01 is running Server Core at your companies IT house. It is already configured with the AD DS role but you also want to add AD CS to the server. What must you do to add Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS) to this server?

    You have: The correct answer is Reinstall the server with the full version of Windows Server 2012

    That was true in Server 2008 but in 2012 you can run AD CS on server core.