70-410 Exams

  • Hey everyone took the 70-410 exams April 9 2014

  • How was it? I believe you passed... What material you used to prepare? Did the exam had question from R2

  • The exam was interesting I was really looking to see if there would be dsc and work folders with the other new things but it wasn't so I know the questions I got incorrect.

  • Let me re phrase I was expecting more R2 questions but there were not much as I expected. My method of study vary I went on scribd and look server 2012 R2 material and downloaded a copy 180 day server 2012 and sleepless nights and long weekends practice can emphasis that any more but in all fairness the test was not difficult the one I got incorrect was me no reading the question correct and not doing enough practice.

    Keith Mayer has a very good method of delivery and the labs are concise I just do the social media stuff so some of the material I didn't get as I don't do tweets or facebook or that other media stuff but to each his own.

  • Well congrats on passing the test... What kind of lab did you setup, and any tips you like to share. I'm in the process of doing this. I been working on a lab but keep running into problems. i read the books but with family and kids it's taking me longer to study plus work.

  • Hey Louie I know how it is to try and balance a family plus do these exams as I have the same issues you face daily as I too have a family.

    I downloaded the 2012 vhd and follow the instructions and attached it and reboot machine with server 2012 as an additional option to boot then I just followed Keith Mayer's labs.

    There is also a virtual lab environment provided by holsystems which is details enough for you to get the core concepts.

    Once again I know the challenges you face as I too have them just try and stay focus and prepare for sleepless nights.

  • John D,

    What is the link to download the 2012 vhd and does it cost anything.  Money is always an issue.  Thanks

  • technet.microsoft.com/.../hh670538.aspx

    This is a free 180 days trial 2012 Server R2 and Server 2012

  • All all this issue i'm having at work it makes it harder to learn and remember everything i'm reading. Hopefully I will be able to pass the test. i was thinking of taking it in 3 weeks. Right now about to start reading about Hyper-V just need to figure where I"m going to load i because I'm running my VM on a mac...

  • Well don't wonder too long as the clock is ticking and I know you can do it as the greatest hurdle is the start as long as you do and stay focus the power is yours captain planet........lol

  • Yes this Friday i'm going to take the test. but I'm having issue trying to figure out how i'm going to study the hyper-v section since I don't have other machine to do it with. I been doing everything on vmware and virutalbox.

    How did you study for that section of the test?

  • have you ever install server 2012 R2 as the virtual host ?..... if not I don't know how you are going to get the necessary practice log on to www.microsoftvirtualacademy.com with live outlook or Hotmail account and find the section on hyper-V or Keith Mayer blogs.technet.com/.../hyper_2d00_v

    don't know how much this will help

  • Well I took the test and failed ... I got 445 so i'm not to update on the score... I just need to study more..

    Would it be a good idea to start all over on the book I got or just work on certain sections ? I know that chart the training center gave me shows my weakness and strong points... but they are even across the board.