What's The Best Materials For 410?

  • I have a 70-410 study guide by Will Panek and it doesn't cover everything I need to know for the exam.  Unfortunately, everyone says the Microsoft books don't either!  I was looking into CBT Nuggets and TrainSignal aka PluralSight.  I'm not sure what to do... time is limited for me and there's so many different things out there.



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  • Hi, John

    Checkout www.microsoftvirtualacademy.com/.../windows-server

    Another way I found of studying for the exam was to go through the exam objectives in a test environment. www.microsoft.com/.../exam-70-410.aspx, take the first topic Install and configure Servers it has the topics under that and you can attempt them in test lab. I found this way to be helpful when I wrote my exams

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  • Hi John,

    The 70-410 books covers enough to pass the exams I think. But I has never been the case with Microsoft exams, that the books will cover everything, because you are challenged that way to investigate topic yourself and bring your own experience with is a pre-req for every exam. When I did the 2003 or 2008 exams I also had to investigate several topics myself and bring my own experience and knowledge into the exams :). A book covers the topics at the a certain level and with extra own research and practice I'm sure you will be able to pass the exams :). The video based training is also a very good preparation, just sit back and watch :). Passing exams is always combination of doing work in a lab and trying things, studying books, research on TechNet or other resources on the web, and optionally video training :). Hope this helpful for you.

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  • Hi Joe, good tips/details/info... have any for the ALM Series? (70-496/497/498?)

    Thanks either way.


  • Hi All,

    Please help me to get the Study material for 70-410 Exam.

    Thanks in advance.




  • Sometime in January, the material is going to be updated to reflect the Server 2012 R2 release.  For now, I would hold off on purchasing anything until the new material is out.



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  • Go for the books, e-book is easily available.Should you need any training, I can help you find a trainer.

  • Since the exam has been updated to R2 which material is now good to study?

  • Exactly what I was thinking as I've read a lot from people saying that material out there was not covering R2...

  • I have the installing and Config book that i see around a lot. but I used that book a couple months back and failed the exam. it was my first try on getting this cert. I would like to know if there's other material I need to study or book i could get. One of my friends gave me Mastering Windows server 2012 r2 from sybex.. it's a hug book but it's not meant for any exams at all.

    So any feedback would be awesome. Thanks,

  • Ordered Exam Ref 70-410: Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012 R2 by Craig Zacker from Amazon - It's not a full exam guide according to reviews but is a good supplementary tool - will find out when it arrives on Wed.

    With regards to books - depends on your own study style - I prefer videos and labs to reading about tech topics so this type of book is better for me than a huge book or even the official guides from MS which are also not insignificant in size!

  • Thank you everyone for the responses.  I've learned over the past couple of months that the Microsoft certification guides or any other third party 70-410 guide DO NOT cover all of the material.  Like some other folks have said, you pretty much HAVE TO use other sources like videos, TechNet, etc., otherwise you run a great risk of failing.  Even having experience doesn't guarantee you pass due to all of the little minute details Microsoft tests you on.  I discovered MANY free videos on YouTube that are from CBT Nuggets, other similar sources, or just IT pros who have a very polished curriculum of their own.  Not sure of the legality of those free videos that are from legit business entities, but hey, I'm not the one posting them on YouTube!

    Personally I think it's a shame that Microsoft does this.  I understand that they want you to gain hands on experience, use test environments/labs, and utilize a variety of other sources.  There is a lot of value in studying and learning like that.  However, not everyone has the luxury of all of these resources.  I didn't have a test environment; only a trial of Server 2012 at home on my laptop.  I also have three kids, so time is extremely limited.  I was only working in tech support at the time I was studying, so experience with servers was almost non existent.  In those cases, it's almost impossible to study the enormous amount of material needed to pass.  If you want to move up in IT, you either need the certification or you get lucky and someone takes a chance on you.  Anyways, sorry I went off there.  Just my input.



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