#ALM - 70-496/497/498

  • Hi. New to MVA Site/Community. Searching for those aiming at Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) via Tests 70-496/497 and 498.


  • Hi there,

    I already did the 70-496.

    I must say the best resources are the MVA courses on those exams.

    70-496 was one of the hardest exams I ever did

  • Did you have any prior experience with administerung tfs?

  • Hey guys, also going for certification.  Anyone know of any good Practice exams?  I've searched a bit on the net and there's a bunch of them, just not sure which one to choose.  The MVA courses are really good, just not sure if its enough.

  • I'm curious where you found them - I've been looking on Kaplan and the other companies, and NOBODY seems to have any :-(  

    I have about 3 years working with TFS administration, customization, and ALM, so it would be great to get a reality-check of what I actually know versus what they're going to be testing for...