Books for this exam

  • Hi, There were two books listed for this exam last week, but the references have now been removed. I've ordered the first one, but now I want to order the second one as well. Are these books no longer relevant? Should I cancel my order? The first book was: Professional Application Lifecycle Management with Visual Studio 2012. Thanks
  • Staying tuned - not too many posts for 496, yes.

    (Assume books to be relevant, though)


  • "Professional Team Foundation Server 2012" is good for actually running TFS, but it's not really designed for the test.  In particular, it's thin on Lab Management, which is the section I've had the most difficulty with.  It may be that I think it's thin on Lab Management just because that's where I feel I need the most help, though.

    I haven't found any books that are written for the test.

  • As Bob says, Professional Team Foundation Server 2012 looks most promising (I'm just about to order it from The description says that it "even assists those who are studying for the TFS 2012 certification exam". The TOC shows an overlap with Professional Application Lifecycle Management with Visual Studio 2012.

    No certified study guides, but a wealth of material in the MSDN Library under Application Lifecycle Management with Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server. Useful for digging deeper/polyfilling.

    First thing I'm going to do though is work through this Jump Start


  • I'm going to concur with Duncan based on what I've researched; Unfortunately, as bob says, it isn't very in depth re: lab management.  Its quite a beast - the install documents, MSDN, online blogs, and some practice if you can get to some hardware are the way to go.  Its doubly difficult because truly it spans several roles; infrastructure, networking, tfs admin, Hyper-V.

    If anyone wants to throw in we could crowd-source ourselves a sandbox to play with and train on :-P

  • As far as getting your hands on some hardware goes, I think this might be useful.

  • Will MVA be enough to take this test?

  • In my country the learning providers seem like they dnt have learning material for this course