Study partner need for 70-483 exam

  • Hello Everyone,

    I have booked my 70-483 exam on 23rd Apr. I need to speed up my preparation. Is there anyone who want to join with me for studies? if so, reply to my thread.



  • Hi Geeta,

    i am also going to take this exam in may.

    I am a student from India. It will be good to have you as a study partner.


  • Hi Pooja, My email address is Send me urs.

  • Hi Geeta,

    I have sent you a mail, pls check that.

  • Hi, I am Rajeev Kumar Sharma. I want to join with you.

  • Hi, my email address is

  • Is everyone here well versed with C# and Windows App Development? Because I started learning C# last year and I'm thinking of taking the exam before May 31st. Is it possible or do I need to have some more experience? Thank you.

  • As I've said in other places, it's not so much the amount of time spent as the quality of time spent.  About a year is pretty good, if you're doing the right things, actively developing, etc.  About a year is nothing if all you were doing was baby-sitting someone else's code.

    483 is more about C# that any particular use.  If you are comfortable with every keyword and at lease know when and why you would care about the obscure ones ( such as unsafe, unchecked, and volatile, ) then you're probably in pretty good shape.  Of course, a lot of the really obscure ones are not going to come up much, if at all.  However, from there, you can piece what you would really want to do.

  • Count me too.



  • i need a dumps any one have please send me,

  • Hi Geetha,

    I have also booked for the same. And i need a company too. Reply me if u r interested,

    Kind Regards,


  • Hello I am new to this forum. How do these study groups work? I am preparing for 70-483 and would like to join you all

  • Hi guys, I am going to take the 70-483 exam in may.

    If anyone is interested to join me for group study , reach me at

  • Hi I would like to join in the study group too.

    I sent an email to geetha regarding same. Please join me in the group.


  • Hi,

    I would like to join with you for the studies..!

    Please add me.....