Study Group - Our Own Practice Questions

  • I was surprised to find references to other training sites which are asking me to pay more money when I have a free study group at my disposal here on  My first initial thought was this study group will talk about subjects of the exam and offer assistance, but I was wrong.  I didn't find a post like this one when I looked through all the threads, so I decided to create it.  Or, at least throw this idea out and let someone else better than me go forward with it.

    Objective of this Thread:  Create your own question for the group to answer.  

    Content of your replies:  State the Exam Objective for which the question should be in reference.

    Try to stump us with real world scenarios or very tricky questions.  Questions like "What is the HTML5 Doctype?" is too simple or "What is jQuery?" is too broad.

    What do you think?  Good idea or Bad idea?  I'm always scoring up higher on the bad ideas.   Maybe if it works we'll have a forum moderator to make a sticky for us.

  • Good idea... I am behind you on that one