Just passed 70-480 :D

  • I used the jumpstart videos on MVA, the training guide book and the self tests from MeasureUp.

    .... now a weekend of debauchery and then I'll start studying for the next one!  ;-)

  • That's the spirit...

  • Congrats!!!

    What's the next exam?

    Can you post url's for all the resources you used?

  • hey can u give me site name where u show video of html,css3 & javascript related to this exam

  • Jumpstart on MVA - www.microsoftvirtualacademy.com/.../learn-html5-with-javascript-css3-jumpstart-training

    MeasureUP - www.measureup.com/70-480-Programming-in-HTML5-with-JavaScript-and-CSS3-P4900.aspx

    Training guide book - www.amazon.co.uk/.../ref=sr_1_2

  • Jumpstart on MVA

  • Was curious how many hours of study it took you.

  • Good question James.  If I'm honest I'm not sure, Over a period of about 3 weeks I must have put in about at least 15hrs per week & constant reading.   Sorry I can't give a more useful answer.   GL

  • Can I make it only with Jumpstart on MVA?

  • Phagg

    Can I make it only with Jumpstart on MVA?

    If you mean "does the Jumpstart on MVA tell you everything you need to pass the exam?", I can assure you it does not.   If you already have knowledge and good experience, then perhaps

    Those Jumpstarts are really very good, but they are only a 'start', they flesh out topics so you can dig deeper.  I think the official MS training course for 70-480 is a 5 day course!  That's probably around 35hrs with a guy stood in front of you and you can ask questions directly....  There's no way they could cover all that material in those handful of videos, and of course you can't talk to a video! Huh?

    Honestly, the best thing you can do is find materials and study... If you really know CSS, JavaScript and HTML5 you will pass! So ask yourself, do you 'know' and understand the content?   Could you create a web application's frontend, (implementing all those features of CSS, JS & HTML5) right now? If you're unsure if you know it, do something practical, build something right now & make a point of noticing each time you "need" the intelli-sense to help you... each time you have to lookup syntax or struggle to know which object to use etc.    Sounds trivial, but that will highlight to you where you need more study / practice.

    Perhaps just take some practice tests.... they act as either confirmation that you're good to go, or a rude awakening.    When I did my first few tests from Measureup I failed about 4-5 times!  That was a wake up call, and helped me identify the areas I was weak in.

  • what is the number of question in this exam?

  • Congrats!!!

  • Congrates!!

  • Congratulations, Tom! I want to achieve this goal too and I am preparing myself to start my study plan. Thank you for the informations about the method that you used to pass!

  • Just passed myself!  I used the Self-Test about 90% and went through the MVA for about 10%.  I have  several years of professional experience that helped.  815.   NOW ON to 486!