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  • In preparing for the test, I wrote up a blog post for every entry in the "skills measured" section of the exam guide, so a total of 21 blog posts. Was quite an educational experience. I wanted to share here so others might also benefit. The following link is to the summary, which has links to all the other entries:

    70-480 Study Guide

  • Great summary.  Kudos

  • Thanks. Took the exam yesterday and passed. It was harder than I thought it would be, glad I studied so hard.

  • Did you use any practice exams listed on MCSD site?

    I took a Kaplan practice test and the y were asking me to write code snippets. Does the real exam ask you to write actual code? If not, I would rather choose some other practice exam other than Kaplan. Thank you.

  • I don't want to run afoul of the NDA by saying yea or nea (regarding what is actually on the test), but I think Microsoft recommends those tests for a reason.  Overall the exam guide (that is, the link you mentioned) is a very accurate roadmap for what will be on the test, which is why I tried to learn every point in some depth.  Speaking for myself, playing with actual code is a very effective learning tool, which is why I did so many demos on jsFiddle as part of my study regiment.

    EDIT: I updated my Study Guide summary page to include a little info on what demos or console code is included in the blog posts themselves.  And to answer your first question, Tom, no I didn't use any practice tests at all. 

  • Tom, I would concur with Troy's comment about the recommended practice tests.  Furthermore, the practice tests focus on the expectations of the exam itself; it is not based on the actual exam content or process (and probably can't because of the associated NDA).  Overall, understanding how to code is an element in all of this, so I don't see any issues with this type of approach of helping to reinforce the concepts.

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  • Great. Thank you.