70-480 Exam Simulator

  • I've found this exam simulator from Transcender useful: https://www.transcender.com/practice-exam/microsoft/70-480.kap

  • I think that must be new. It wasn't there when I was prepping for the exam. Now I just wish they would bring out the one for the 70-486 MVC exam.

  • Thank you :)

  • The Transcender practice exam offers three practice exams with 40 questions each, however the real exam had roughly 50% more questions. The Transcender exam has numerous typos (as of 10/11/2013)  with unclosed html tags, etc. but the guy who is the primary support editor at Transcender for this exam has his email as part of a lot of the sample code.

    I think there is a serious bug for the drag and drop simulator questions. I think it is a bug in the drag and drop engine. While looking at a solution for a drag and drop question, it only shows the first two correct answers - not all correct answers.

    Hopefully Transcender fixes these issues. I emailed a couple of typos to them  a few days ago and yet have still found more typos.

    Davin Mickelson
    Developer and SSxS MCT in Minnesota

  • Thank you for this information. I have been looking to narrow down my options from 3 to 1 as listed here: www.microsoft.com/.../exam-70-480.aspx. I think now I am down to 2 :) Thanks again.