Exam Booked

  • I just booked the 70-480 exam for the 15th July. This will be my first MS certification exam ever! I hope I am ready for it . . .


    I checked on a couple of places for prep exams (eg. transcender) but couldn't find any for this exam. Does anyone know of any sources for good prep exams?



  • Ok, I didn't find any transcender stuff for this exam. I changed the date from 15th July to the 22nd July (that was today!!). Just got home (after the 800km round trip to the test centre!!) and I am pleased to say I passed.

    Most of my prep for the exam was reading the Microsoft Press Training Guide for 70-480, though I had some previous knowledge of html and css3, and also a bit of jquery from another book I read a couple of months ago.

    I got 930/1000 in the exam. Very happy as I thought I was going to fail!!

    Anyway, not to start prepping for the next exam, either the MVC one or the C# one. MVC is on the track I want, but the C# is something I can make use of.


  • Great job.  Congrats!  

  • Thanks :)

  • (after the 800km round trip to the test centre!!)

    Congrats, but this statement impressed me

  • Thanks Alan. One of the unfortunate things about living in paradise (Far North Queensland) is the lack of facilities for doing exams. Also, the lack of Microsoft development roles. I am now looking for work in any of the major cities in Australia (or New Zealand) to put my newly certified skills to use.

  • congratulations! Please advise where did you get the Training Duide - I see only pre-orders! Thanks

  • Thanks :)

    I got the eBook of the Training Guide from O'Reilly Media: shop.oreilly.com/.../0790145371133.do - this has been available since January I believe.

    Don't confuse it with the Exam Ref which is pre-order and due in November: shop.oreilly.com/.../0790145373939.do

  • Congrats!!!

    I'm newbie and hope anyone could help me!

    Did you join any class or you study at home?

    I intend to study at home and could you give me advises on material?

    Thank you!

  • Thx :)

    I just studied at home. I had some html 4.01 and xhtml knowledge and css, but used the training guide and MVA (Microsoft Virtual Academy) videos to prep for html5 and css3 as well as javascript. JavaScript was probably my weakest area.

    I would suggest starting with the MVA videos (I just used the specific 70-480 Jump start but I think they have added some more html5 series). Maybe also look at Lynda.com for videos on html5, css3 and JavaScript, if you can afford the subscription. Its not too expensive.

    Also, as I said above, the 70-480 Training Guide from Microsoft Press is pretty good.