Training Material 98-372

  • Hi,

    Wonder if someone from Microsoft will be able to help me on this?

    I studied for both 98-361 and 98-362 using the 'Microsoft Official Academic Course' books from Wiley publishing, I took both exams and passed them first time.

    I then purchased another book from Wiley for 98-372 (all of them have 'Microsoft Official Academic Course' stamped on the front covers) - I felt pretty confident after getting pretty high scores using the free practice questions and the questions in the book - so I took the exam and this time I failed.

    So I contacted Microsoft via IM and they told me to use '98-372-Study-Guide_PDF' - which I have done - again I felt pretty confident as I got all the correct answers to the questions in the PDF - so I booked a resit of 98-372.

    Again I have managed to fail (My score was actually worse this time!)

    So my question is (disregarding the fact that the Microsoft questions in the exam match nothing else I have studied) - where is there any training material for this exam - if any?



  • Seriously - no response from Microsoft, does that mean this forum is not moderated?

    So for anyone who is interested in this, It'll give this update:

    Well no update from Microsoft as you can see, I have tried speaking to one of their reps on the live chat feature.

    So far they have given me links to a teaching course in Ireland (I'm in Scotland),

    Learning catalogue

    The exam page that I have been to many times.

    Or the 98-372 PDF file - which I have been through.

    I have also used the Wiley book 

    I'm not sure if any of the above have helped or not, granted I have learnt things, but it didn't help pass the exam (when I aced all the other questions from the PDF and Wiley book).

    I'll post more as and when I get to the bottom of things.


  • I am also trying to take the exam.. Please pass on if you get any information on this. Thanks

  • Great, now I'm worried. I've been doing my best to prep for this exam by reading random MSDN pages and skimming through a C# book I have access to, but now I have to wonder if I'm wasting my time. It is surprisingly hard to find anything specific to this exam.

  • I'm looking into this as well. Finding learning material is surprisingly difficult.

  • I am not a Microsoft staff, but I think that some hands on practice would help.

    Here it could help joining projects on codeplex.

    Or some content from Microsoft virtual academy?  Like.   Programming in C# Jump Start    

    But I am not sure is appropriate for 372

    I see on the 372 exam page, under skills measured that are links to msdn documentation, I think will read those. Some questions and challenges on the subject would be good, but I do not find it on msdn.